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Elexcon 2019
Dec 19-21

148 Days
Time: 12.20.2019
Conference Overview
CMET is the largest professional forum focusing on medical electronics, from digital medical equipment to wearable medical equipment design and development. Each year more than 300 medical engineers and managers participates within the event.
Hot topics
>Medical and health field of sensor technology development and application, including: sports, environment, biology and other sensing technology.
>Medical electronic equipment portable miniaturization, intelligent, network development;
>Medical grade power supply safety, reliability design
>Medical electronics, low power consumption, high reliability and EMC electromagnetic compatibility design challenges;
>Wearable medical electronics development challenges and solutions;
>Emerging medical electronic equipment, including: medical robots, bio-electronic technology trends and technical challenges and so on.
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Elexcon 2019,Dec 19-21
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